While I can’t wait to hear all about you, it’s only fair to tell you something about me!  

I was a Registrar of Marriage for 7 years, and absolutely loved the privilege of sharing such a special day with hundreds of lovely couples.  But then, a friend asked me to write a ceremony just for her.  It was such a privilege, and she was so thrilled with a personal wedding, that it made me realise just how much more special a couple's wedding day could be.

It really doesn't get much better than listening to a couple's plans and ideas for their day (whether it's a wedding, renewal of vows or baby-naming), and pulling all the different threads together to weave a ceremony which is absolutely perfect for you.  It's really lovely to hear all the little details of your story, and the different elements you'd like to include in your day, as you never know which one will spark something magical to include in the ceremony!

My years of experience as a Registrar have given me an extremely thorough grounding in the logistics and choreography of how a ceremony actually works, so you can be sure that advice will always be at hand to guide you through the whole process, if you wish and, if you are wondering how to include something in particular (eg: a favourite reading, or song, or hand-fasting etc.), then together we'll find the best way to blend it seamlessly into your ideal ceremony.

Let’s talk - Looking forward to hearing all about you!

Tanya Jones


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