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Feeling the Heat?

Bright sunshine shining between trees in a woodland in the summer

If, like me, you love it when we have more than one consecutive day of sunshine, you'll have been very happy lately!

However if you can't stay in the sun for longer than 2 minutes without beginning to burn, even with Factor 30 sunscreen - also like me - then you'll know all about seeking out the shady spots at any outdoor location.

As summer seems to have finally arrived, I thought it might be a good idea to give you a few top tips for ways to make your outdoor summer wedding ceremony comfortable for you and all your guests, especially as we're experiencing particularly high temperatures much more often than we are used to.

While we all hope for lovely weather for an outdoor wedding, lots of your guests, and suppliers, may not be looking forward to sitting/standing around for an hour or so in blazing sunshine without any shade - especially when most weddings are scheduled between 12pm-3pm: the hottest part of the day!

So, if the forecast is for temperatures above around 25C, I would suggest the following:

Move the Ceremony to Later in the Day

If your venue is in agreement, one option would be to move the ceremony to a cooler point in the day - either earlier or later than originally planned. If this isn't easily done, then perhaps consider doing the bare minimum at the scheduled time, and the rest later. For example, have the ceremony as planned, but reschedule the photos until later, when the sun is lower in the sky - maybe after the wedding breakfast?

Young bride and groom kissing in the late afternoon sunshine surrounded by friends and family throwing confetti after their wedding ceremony

Natural Shade?

When booking your venue, ask them where any shadows fall at the time of your ceremony - from surrounding trees, gazebos, buildings etc., and perhaps arrange the seating so that those who wish to can sit in a shady spot.

Outdoor wedding ceremony with bride and groom and their guests in the shade of a 400-year old oak tree

Parasols and Umbrellas

If there isn't any natural shade, then ask your venue/supplier to provide large outdoor awnings for guests to sit under, which can be as simple or as glamorous/dramatic as you like!

Or, consider providing individual parasols, so that those who like sitting in the sun have the choice to do so. And, the parasols could also double as wedding favours.

Sunscreen and Hydration Station

It would be considerate to provide hypoallergenic sunscreen and water for your guests, for those who have forgotten to bring their own, or whose supply may run out on a particularly hot day.

This could be as simple as bottles of water in an ice-filled bucket, or something more elaborate which fits with your wedding theme!

I hope this is helpful and gives you some ideas to make sure you and your guests enjoy your wedding day - whatever the weather!

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