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Destination Wedding Ceremony

Have you ever dreamed about a wedding on the beach, in a gorgeous house or stately home in the beautiful British countryside, or even a castle?  Perhaps you have another exotic location in mind?

Destination weddings - or weddingmoons as some call them! - are becoming increasingly popular, and are a good way to combine your perfect ceremony with a wonderful honeymoon, or fabulous holiday with family and friends.

However, getting married in another country can be quite complicated:  there is often lots of paperwork to be completed; you might need to reside in the country for a specified number of days before the ceremony; sometimes, you will need to bring legal documentation and, perhaps, even visit your country's embassy before your big day!

And we've all heard those stories about couples getting married in an beautiful location, where the ceremony is conducted in a language that they don't understand, and then finding out later that their chosen vows had been 'lost in translation'!

So, what's the answer?  

Register your marriage in your home country, and then use a Celebrant to officiate at your perfect ceremony in the dream location of your choice!


This means that you can have the ceremony you have always wanted, written just for you, and delivered in English, including any vows, readings, songs etc. you wish and, of course, any symbolic elements - such as handfasting, unity candle, or anything which is of special significance to you.


Of course, this applies to couples from abroad who would like to be married in the UK, as well as to UK couples who are looking to be married overseas.

My service includes:

  • The first meeting to talk about you, and your plans for your ceremony.  This can be a face-to-face meeting, or via Skype/WhatsApp etc., depending on your location.

  • A bespoke ceremony written just for you, including your own vows, and any other elements which are important to you, and I am happy to provide as much, or as little, assistance as you like.  The completed ceremony will be sent to you so that you are able to make any amendments you wish - and as many times as you like until you are sure it is perfect!

  • I will arrive at your destination at least one day before the ceremony, so that there is time for us to meet and to have a rehearsal, if you wish and, on the day, I will arrive at least one hour before the ceremony is due to begin.

  • Delivery of your bespoke wedding ceremony in English but, of course, if you would like to include vows/readings in another language, then you are more than welcome to do so!

  • A Celebration of Marriage certificate to be signed by the couple and two witnesses, if you wish (not a legal document).

  • A beautiful keepsake copy of your ceremony script.

Weddings in the USA

If your dream destination is in the USA, then I have some more good news:  in most states in America I am able to conduct legally-binding ceremonies!  That's right - your ceremony would be a legal marriage and, what's more, it is recognised as such in the UK, so you won't need to register it again when you return home.

                                                      Let's talk!





Small Print:  

  • My fee would be dependent on location and would include my usual ceremony charge plus travel and accommodation. 

  • I do not source the wedding venue - it is your responsibility to find and book your ideal venue before the date of the wedding.

  • Remember, unless your wedding is in certain states in America, it is not a legally-recognised ceremony, and you must complete the legal registration of your marriage in your home country.

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