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First Fight Box or Anniversary Box?

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Have you heard of a First Fight Box? The idea is you write a love letter to each other, and then seal it into a box during your wedding ceremony (the couple in the picture are taking no chances by nailing the box closed!). Then, when you have your first fight, you open the box, and read each other's letter.

Awww! Sounds really sweet, doesn't it? On reflection, though, I wondered how many of us would have made it past the first year without opening the box!! However rose-tinted our view of the future may be, we all know that there will be rough patches, and part of married life is learning how to deal with them.

Perhaps it would be nicer (and, perhaps, more realistic!) to use the box as an Anniversary Box. This way, the box could be opened, and the letters read, on your first anniversary - some couples also include a bottle of wine in the box, to open and enjoy at the same time! You would then write another letter, to be sealed in the box along with the original one, and to be read the following year, and so on each year. For those of us who have been married a long time, imagine having a letter from your partner each year - reflecting the evolving nature of your relationship and your lives together......

Another option may be to save the original box until a specific anniversary - 10th, 20th? - and then open it and read the letters written at the time of your marriage. A bit like a wedding-day time capsule! You could also include your marriage vows, pieces of confetti- anything you like - the possibilities are endless!

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