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The Spread Eagle Hotel

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

The Spread Eagle Hotel & Spa Midhurst Sussex wedding venue for celebrant wedding ceremony

Have you ever imagined your wedding in a beautiful, historic building set in the middle of a quintessentially English market town? Then The Spread Eagle Hotel in Midhurst, West Sussex would be the ideal place for you.

The oldest parts of the building date back to 1430, so to say that it is steeped in history really is an understatement! As you would expect from such an old building, it is full of character and charm but is also really warm and unpretentious - there is nothing stuffy about it.

As some of you will know, I love a good fireplace, and the hotel is full of them - here's just one:

Roaring fire in beautiful fireplace in Spread Eagle Hotel & Spa Midhurst Sussex wedding venue

For anyone who loves the idea of an historical setting, the Jacobean Hall is a real treat. With tapestries on the walls and heraldic banners suspended from the ceiling, it is a fantastic room just as it is, but looks even lovelier when dressed for a wedding (as we all do!)

Or, there is always the pretty and secluded garden:

Whichever you choose, you can be sure of a truly special setting for your special day.

Emma, the Events Manager, has worked here for 20 years, so has seen a few ceremonies in her time, and knows just how to make sure your day is exactly the way you want it - and she’s really lovely and friendly, too!

Photos: The Spread Eagle Hotel

The Spread Eagle Hotel & Spa

Midhurst, West Sussex

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