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Ardingly College

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

I ran into Arron Polton, from Ardingly Projects Ltd, recently at a wedding suppliers’ networking event, and he very kindly invited me to visit Ardingly College to see for myself what a wonderful wedding venue it is. It has played host to some beautiful wedding receptions, but would also make a fantastic setting for a Celebrant-led ceremony.

I was lucky enough to visit on an unusually bright and sunny autumnal day, but could also picture just how amazing this place would look with a dusting of snow….

Arriving through the archway into the South Quad is a wonderful way to make an entrance, and the Quad itself would be a beautiful setting for an outdoor ceremony, or a ceremony in a marquee.

At the other end of the Quad is this glorious view:

View from South Quad at Ardingly College Sussex wedding venue

Just imagine your wedding photographs against the background of this stunning view of the Sussex countryside - gorgeous at any time of year.

If you prefer an indoor setting for the ceremony and/or reception, then you need look no further than a fantastic room called The Under (although it is actually on the first floor!). This is a beautiful room with a vaulted, beamed ceiling, lovely arched windows and oak panelling on the walls. The acoustics are amazing, so readings and your exchange of vows would sound wonderful, and don’t get me started on how fantastic any sort of live music would be in this room!

The Under at Ardingly College Sussex wedding venue set for a wedding reception


As this is a school, it does mean that the facilities are available only at certain times of the year, during the school holidays. Of course, this also means that it would be even more special to hold your wedding ceremony here, as so few dates are available each year.

So, if you are looking for a beautiful, historic setting, with wonderful outside space and amazing views, take a look at Ardingly College.

West Sussex

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