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5 Top Reasons to Choose a Wedding Celebrant

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Bride and groom kissing after their celebrant wedding ceremony

Congratulations! You’ve said “Yes”, so get ready to say “I do”.

You’ve probably already started to think about choosing every element of your special day and, let’s be honest, it’s great fun to spend hours looking through Pinterest, Instagram etc. to gather some ideas on how your big day might look.

I’m going to throw one more decision at you - your ceremony. This is the reason you’re all there, after all, so that your friends and family can share in your happiest day as you marry the person you want to share your life with.

So, why wouldn’t you want your wedding ceremony - the heart of your day - to be as personal and meaningful as every other part of your big day?

This is where choosing a Celebrant really does make all the difference, and here are just some of the reasons why:

It’s All About You

Imagine a wedding ceremony which is all about you, and not just a standard script with your names dropped in; where you can include anything you like, whether that’s the lyrics to a favourite song, a poem, an extract from a favourite book or film, a hymn or any religious or spiritual reading.

That’s exactly what a Celebrant will give you. You’d like to write your own vows? Wonderful! You’d prefer not to write your own words, but don’t want the standard, Registrar wording either? Not a problem, I’ll write something just for you.

Your ceremony will be created around your unique love story, and will be written and delivered in a way to suit your style and personality, with no rules or restrictions, just what’s meaningful to you.

We'll work together to make sure that every word is absolutely right for you - no stumbling over awkward phrases here!

Perhaps you come from two different cultures and would like to include particular elements, or would like to include members of your families in symbolic rituals, such as lighting a unity candle, or a sand ceremony - fantastic!

A Familiar Face

Couples are often nervous on their wedding day, and part of this anxiety can stem from the fact that they’ll be standing in front of a stranger when saying some of the most important words they’ll ever say, as you won’t meet the Registrar until they arrive at your wedding venue!

A Celebrant will meet with you before your wedding day (or talk via Skype if distance is involved), and will be in contact via email or telephone in the months leading up to the day itself to answer any queries you may have, and to work with you to create your perfect ceremony. So, on the day, you’ll both know the person standing with you at the top of the aisle, which means you can just relax and enjoy every moment.

Bride and groom laughing during their celebrant wedding ceremony

Practice Makes Perfect

As I mentioned, you’ll have complete control over the content of your ceremony, which can be amended as many times as you like until you’re sure it’s perfect for you.

Your Celebrant will also be able to help and advise you with the logistics and choreography of your ceremony. After all, you probably haven’t done this before, whereas a Celebrant will have a great deal of experience in how a ceremony flows, what works and what doesn’t, and when you might need a ‘Plan B’ - ie: if you’re planning to include small children or animals! Things do usually go smoothly, but it’s always good to be prepared, just in case …

You can also choose to have a rehearsal at your wedding venue, if you wish - not something available from a Registrar.

Location, Location, Location

You’ll have complete flexibility over where you choose to hold your ceremony. Maybe your favourite venue has an amazing room which isn’t licensed for civil ceremonies; or perhaps you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding; or you’ve always imagined getting married in your own garden. A Celebrant-led ceremony can take place absolutely anywhere at all!

Large oak tree with celebrant wedding ceremony underneath

Time Just For You

I take just one booking per day, which means you’re free to choose the exact time you’d like for your ceremony, without any of the restrictions you might encounter when a Registrar isn’t available.

It also means that I can devote my full attention to your day, and only your day; with no worrying about timings, or having to rush off to another ceremony.

I hope this has given you some ideas and helped you to see why a Celebrant-led wedding ceremony really is the perfect choice for your dream wedding day.

Bride and groom laughing after their celebrant wedding ceremony

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