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Outdoor weddings are here to stay! Yes, but not yet all of them ....

Outdoor wedding ceremony in the English summertime, with guests seated, and a couple standing in the shade of a 400 year old oak tree
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in the shade of 400 year old oak tree

This week, we heard the exciting news that outdoor civil weddings and partnerships are being legalised permanently in England and Wales!

Whilst this is great news, and an important first step in allowing couples a little more choice in the type of wedding they can choose, it is important to remember that it is only one step, and note:

  • this change applies only to outdoor ceremonies in venues which are already licensed for marriages - so the amazing venue in my photo still won't be included

  • the ceremony itself will still be the standard legal ceremony script

  • only a Celebrant can give you a truly personal ceremony, in any location you choose

The Law Commission is currently carrying out a review of Marriage Law, and we hope that this will mean a wholesale change to allow Celebrants (whether Independent to Humanist) to conduct legal ceremonies, so that couples will have complete freedom to choose exactly the right type of ceremony for them.

This small change in accepted location is a great start, but a recognition that many couples choose a Celebrant-led ceremony because of its content, rather than/as well as the location, would be even better!

We're all keeping our fingers crossed that this small step bodes well for the review, which is due to report during the summer .....

Watch this space!


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